The Expendables

The normal realm of adventure takes place on a plane called Arnegax (or The World). It was created by the Primordials, who dwell in the Elemental Chaos. The parts that were too magical were siphoned off to create the Feywild and those that were too dark became the Shadowfell. Beneath each of these are underground places called the Underdark. The Primoridials were ready to destroy what they had made and create it again, because they love the chaos of it all. The gods looked down from the Astral Plane and liked this place, so they went to war with the Primordials. After deaths on both sides, the gods finally won and banished the Primordials back to their realm, leaving Arnegax mostly under their influence. They created the races that everyone is familiar with, and from them empires rose and fell, the most recent of which was the empire of Nerath. A period of darkness fell upon the land, with only small points of light to hold it back. Fallcrest, Winterhaven, Hammerfast and other towns dot the landscape and provide security to everyone, such as it is. The best of each race become heroes, who drive back the darkness and expand the light where they can.

Your adventure, however, does not take place in Arnegax…

On another plane created by the Primordials, there was another war with the gods. In this place the gods not only defeated the Primordials, they enslaved them, providing their power to the races they created to use as they saw fit. The Phyrexians (as this plane was named Phyrexia) created great works of engineering and magic, melding science with the powers of the elemental chaos. The gods watched on, almost in wonder at what was created, until they went too far. Armies of metal men and great war machines lumbered across the land, burning and destroying all that they had created. When the smoke had cleared, most of the Phyrexians were destroyed and those that were left shunned their old ways, their great cities falling into ruin and their works of magic and science lost and forgotten. A few centuries later and the surface of the world is much different than it had been. The towns and cities are smaller, few practice magic and those that do are unschooled and usually out for personal gain. Magic items are difficult to come by, either found in Phyrexian ruins, or handed down from one generation to the next. The gods have all but turned their backs on this plane, working only through their most devote followers. Threats grow in the darker parts of the world and it is a time for heroes to rise. Heroes like you.

An experienced group of adventurers has been summoned to Duranth by the local magistrate. You are unsure of what is expected of you, but a reward has been promised and there has been a recent lack of work for heroes for hire. Grabbing your best gear and meeting up near the large town, you head toward the gate, excited for the mysteries that lie ahead…

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The Expendables

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