The Expendables

Bandit Patrol

I'll turn you into a newt!

After following some strange animal tracks through the woods and over a stream, they were surprised to find them change into humanoid footprints. Arshaka used arcane knowledge to determine that magic was used to perform some sort of transformation on the bandits as they crossed the stream. The party members pushed through the deeper forest and succeeded in surprising a bandit patrol on its way back to the wagon trail.

Leaping out of the woods, Zombie Chet led the charge. The human hexer tried his best to cast spells on the party, but they were too powerful for his weak magics. Arshaka sundered his mind with a series of vicious attacks and he quickly fell. Acidaar tapped into his primal barbarian powers and chopped down one of the soldiers defending the mage, while Skeeter drew all the remaining fighters in and hammered them with sword and spiked fist. The minotaur used divine flame to heal his party members and burn the unworthy around him, before the party captured a human slaver.

They interrogated the bandit and found out about their leader, a half-orc named Girug and his pet dire boar, Porkchop. He also told them about the number of bandits they could expect at the camp and was getting ready to flee into the woods when Nannaruluk struck him down with cool efficiency.


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