The Expendables

Cave Entrance

Monkey demons? Get his pants!

The party arrived at a cave leading further into the mountains and followed the gnoll’s trail into the darkness. Upon catching up to the trailing gnolls, Chet and Skeeter used their stealth abilities and low-light vision to try a couple of sneak attacks. When the rest of the party joined the fray, they were confronted with five tough looking gnolls and two large hyenas, with jaws dripping acidic saliva.

Skeeter opened the fight by attacking with axe and fist, giving significant damage to one of the hyenas. It’s highly caustic blood spurted all over the half-orc, burning him severely.

The rest of the party started attacking the gnolls and other hyena, using some of their most damaging powers. The dragonborn barbarian entered into a ferocious rage that let him move around the battle field with the speed of panther. A hulking gnoll, wielding a flail, landed a massive hit on Skeeter.

Out of the deeper cave a massive ape like demon entered the room, accompanied by a gnoll with wings and long curved horns. They watched the battle, encouraging their allies to drive back the heroes and protect a dig site of some sort.

The half-orc retaliated to all the damage he’d been taking by pulling the two huntmasters down from their positions higher up on the cave wall and striking all the foes around him for substantial damage. Capitalizing on this move, the rest of the party started taking the gnolls and hyenas out quickly. Disgusted by his followers pathetic attacks, the gnoll leader ordered the demon to retreat and seal the tunnel out of the cave. Fortunately for the heroes another tunnel opened up in the wall to permit them a way forward.

After killing off the remaining gnolls and hyenas, the party set up a small camp to rest after the difficult fight. A short time later they awakened and cracked open a new sunrod, before proceeding into the narrow, twisting tunnel.


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