The Expendables

In the Caves and out again...

"We move away from Arshaka."

The Expendables fought off a Behir whelp as it protected its nest, before fleeing from an adult Behir. While exploring a strange room housing numerous constructs, the party encountered an odd floating machine which attacked them. One hard fought battle later and the party pressed deeper into the ruins. Arshaka had a difficulty opening a sealed door, but managed to get through it. After talking to a strange machine that tagged along with the party, Chet and Skeeter managed to stealthily take out the gnoll guards. The party quickly charged out of the Phrexian ruins and attacked the gnolls and their pet demons. It was a tough fight, but they triumphed, only to find that their mission wouldn’t end there.

The party entered a large cave filled with a number of tall stone platforms topped with clusters of eggs. As the party explored the room, a Behir whelp attacked them for intruding on its nest. They drove the creature off, but not before it cracked through a wall that let water start flooding into the chamber. While The Expendables scrambled up platforms, some of the eggs cracked open and Behir hatchlings entered the fray. They didn’t provide much of a challenge to the experienced party, but the group was distracted enough that they didn’t notice the Whelp scramble out of the cave and renew it’s attack. Skeeter led the counterattack that put the beast down. While the party took stock of the flooded room, an adult Behir emerged and loosed a bolt of lightning that punched through the cave wall. As the water started draining out the party dove in and used the current to escape the enraged beast.

The group ended up in some ancient Phyrexian ruins, surrounded by some sort of constructs. As the adventurers examined them, a strange floating construct entered the room and scanned everything in it. It activated the other machines and prepared to attack the group, when Skeeter rushed to stop it. After a hard fought battle, the Expendables disabled all of the machines and recovered a magical stone from the floating orb.

While exploring the hallway outside the storage room, the group came upon a magically sealed door. Arshaka began trying to open it, but was shocked for it’s efforts. As the rest of the party quickly scrambled away from the Shardmind, it tried again and again, until it stubbornly collapsed for its efforts. After being healed, the door was finally opened.

Further down the hallway the group stumbled upon an ancient laboratory, still being manned by an ancient machine. Nicknamed Clank, the creature described the history of Phyrexia and its purpose in the laboratory. Tired of the life it was leading, the machine decided to accompany the party as it traveled after the captured townsfolk.

Beyond the electrified door the party found some small gnolls guarding the slaves as they cleared rubble from the rest of the ruins. Skeeter and Chet stealthily made their way through the branching hallways and took them out before they could raise the alarm. The freed townsfolk warned the party that the gnolls had captured a large book that they seemed very excited about.

The Expendables poured out of the ruins in time to see the leader of the gnolls complete a ritual that infused some of his allies with dark energies. The flying gnoll then forced a young mage to start some sort of ritual. Gnolls on towers threw out balls of explosive mages and the final battle was on. Acidaar used his barbarian rage to full effect, heavily damaging the demons. Chet and Skeeter poured on the damage, while Arshaka flayed the minds of their foes. Nannuraluk kept everyone’s strength up. Eventually the demon’s fell and the gnolls dropped shortly thereafter.

The group was worried to find out that the book of Phyrexian maps had disappeared. But Bunoir knew the destination of the book and provided the group with magical bridals that created flying hippogryphs for the party. Taking the wing, they continued their adventure to stop those who would use the Phyrexian’s technology for evil.


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