The Expendables

Phrexia Reborn

Epic Adventure!

The party entered the LifeForge and fought their way through a demon and his arcane allies. In the next room they found a magical door, linked to arcane portals. They entered each one, fighting through a section of the Elemental Chaos and disabling the machinery powering the locking mechanism. Once through, they entered the LifeForge chamber and quickly destroyed Arsim Azru. They were shocked to discover that the LifeForge itself had gained sentience. It transformed into a massive construct and attacked them with radiant energy. Despite it’s size, it proved no match for the power of The Expendables!

Bunoir dropped the party off outside the entrance, reminding them of their important task. Chet led the charge through the doorway into a battle with a Balor and some archmages. They quickly killed one of the magic users, which weakened the shield around the massive demon. It put up a tough fight, nearly taking Chet’s head off at one point, but the party triumphed soon after.

Despite nearly losing his head, the revenant ranger put on a masterful display of acrobatics and lock picking, as he opened the door into the next area. In it they found a massive door sealed by four arcane locks. Each of the locks was connected to a magical portal, each with a different color and a different climate around them. Showing no fear, the party traveled through the party giving off a lot of heat.

They soon found themselves in the Elemental Chaos, surrounded by a sea of lava. They managed to safely traverse it and elude the areas guardians, before shutting down the Phyrexian machinery located there. After a moment to catch their breath, they entered the cold portal. They arrived in a massive bubble of ice, inhabited by more Phyrexian constructs and some elementals. Skeeter led the charge against one of the crab like constructs, and was too nimble for the beasts clumsy attacks. His dodging may have done more harm than good, as the giant beast punctured the ice and caused the freezing sea to flood in. This made things more difficult, but not impossible for the party, as they fought their way to the controls and managed to shutdown this portal as well. They returned to the portal chamber and prepared to enter the next one, hoping for an easier time of things.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. They next portal they entered dropped them on magical platforms that floated in an endless sky. As they tried to move over to the controls to disable the air energy stream, a massive storm of elemental energy formed to try and stop them. It inflicted some damage and nearly through Skeeter off a platform into the void, but it was unable to stop The Expendables progress. They shutdown the energy stream and exited the portal to safety. The final portal they entered was the earth portal. They landed in deep mud, which slowed their movement toward their goal. A large number of mud and dirt elementals attempted to stop them, but they weren’t much of a challenge. The smaller creatures were easily destroyed, while Arshaka and Skeeter handled the bigger ones.

With the final portal disabled, the way forward was opened to them. The party moved through a strange room that had metal tracks criss-crossing the floor and entered the LifeForge chamber.

They spotted Arsim Azru high atop the control platform, standing before the rapidly spinning LifeForge pillar. Before they could stop him, two Phyrexian Titan constructs were created and moved to attack. After a pitched battle, the mad wizard was destroyed. When Arshaka moved to disable the Phyrexian’s machinery, the party was shocked to learn that it had become self-aware and did not want to be deactiviated again! An enormous machine, pulsing with radiant energy came out of the LifeForge and attacked the heroes, hoping to destroy them. It failed to succeed, as Nannuraluk kept the party safe until Acidaar could deal the final blow.

The massive golem fell to the floor, shaking the entire room as it landed. Radiant energy arced off of it, cutting huge furrows in the floor, walls, and ceiling. Chunks of rock began to fall, as the party fled through the rail hub and into the portal room. Any portals left operational also arced energy in all directions, as the feedback from the destroyed LifeForge reached them. The heroes escaped to the outside as explosions shook the ground under their feet.

Sensing the danger, Beunoir had brought the airship to hover right outside the entrance and The Expendables quickly rushed on board. He lifted off and sped away as one final blast of elemental energy poured from the Phyrexian ruin, decimating the area around it. In a matter of seconds the lush forest that once stood there was reduced to a desert of ash and it was hard to tell that anything had once stood there.


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