The Expendables

Phyrexia Reborn Epilogue

Epic Destiny!

Acidaar, the mighty dragonborn barbarian, returned to his tribe in the northern mountains and became on of their greatest leaders. The giant tribes that they had fought with for centuries were no match for the wild dragonborn and their god-like leader. He had many descendants and they tried to be as honorable and ferocious as he was.

He united the various tribes into a great nation and lived out his days in heroic battles, destroying all that dared face him or do harm to his people.

Arshaka, the brain twisting shardmind, continued its research into the ancient Phyrexians, assisted by Buinoir Spellfall and Clank. They travelled around the world aboard the airship and investigated the many ruins listed in the Book of Maps. Through their efforts, a new era of prosperity came over the world of Phyrexia, as ancient technologies were discovered and put to good use.

Once it felt it had reached the limits of knowledge available to it, the mighty psion left for other planes, hoping to find new stores of information to pursue.

Chet SwordSwinger, revenant ranger, was soon trasported to Letherna, realm of the Raven Queen. Impressed by his service and alligeance, she asked him to join her legion of loyal warriors. He readily agreed and soon became one of her most impressive Raven Knights.

It was not long before he became the Exarch of the Raven Queen, her right hand, tasked with defending the Shadowfell from the influence of Orcus and others who would harm her domain.

Nannurlak, great minotaur healer, returned to his tribe on the great plains of Phyexia. He led them successfully for many years and used his powers to defend his people from gnoll marauders.

He was also widely known for his healing, as people of all races came from across the lands to seek his aid. Fair and just, he lived out his days as the greatest leader the minotaur people ever had.

Skeeter, the wild half-orc fighter, grew restless after a short time out of the fray. He made the rounds in the arenas, becoming the greatest champion each had ever seen. Riches were lavished upon him and he used them to aid the poor in each city he visited, using his might to stop slavery or other wrongs he came across.

When he ran out of challenges on Phyrexia, he ventured to Sigil, roaming the planes fighting for good in the toughest battles he can find, realishing every minute of it.

He goes wherever people need his help, his axe, and his gauntlet.


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