The Expendables

Phyrexia Reborn Prologue

Epic Adventure Awaits!

As Arshaka andBeunoir pilot the airship away from the City of Brass and over the Great Sea, Nannuraluk studies the engine room and begins repairing the most damaged parts of the hull. Skeeter and Chet thoroughly explore the cargo hold (after Arshaka disabled the traps from the bridge) and handed out amazing Phyrexian creations to everyone. After that, the two adventurers spent their time upgrading Clank and teaching him some of their best fighting moves. Acidaar enjoyed testing his wings and taking longer and longer flights from the deck of the Airship.

Though you were flying high above the ground, your flight wasn’t uneventful. Without the air elementals, the ship wasn’t moving as fast as it could, allowing for a pair of adult behir’s to catch up to you. The lighting bolts they were riding blended in perfectly with a powerful storm and you had a difficult time stopping them from destroying the ship.

A flock of giant eagles also descended upon the airship, but thankfully as the battle continued you all felt even more powerful and managed to defeat them.

After a week of difficult flying, you are finally over land again and nearing the location of the LifeForge.

Bunoir lands a safe distance away and drops you off, sending Clank along for support, before taking to the air again. He wishes you luck and warns you again that the Phyrexian’s disabled the LifeForges for a reason, so stopping Arsim Azru is of the utmost importance.


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