The Expendables

Phyrexia Rises

We own the skies!

The Expendables mounted their magical hippogryphs and took flight to the location of the ancient Phyrexian Book of Maps. As they traveled they completed a few more quests and grew closer as an adventuring party. They arrived at the City of Brass and investigated a warehouse, formerly occupied by the mage Arsim Azru. They discovered his plans to reactivate a LifeForge and create a construct army, but they didn’t know where he was heading when he took a ship across The Great Sea. Clank and Bunoir Spellfall recall the story of another book of maps, given to Caludrin Farill, a great Phyrexian mage known for his wondrous airship. The legendary machine somehow still travels the skies and the group managed to track down rumors of its last known location. Chet used his knowledge of nature to guess where it might be based on the season and winds. The party remounted their hippogryphs and took to the sky in pursuit.

After touching down on the ruined deck, the party was attacked by two giant rocs. One of the massive birds dropped Acidaar into its nest full of hungry babies, while the other kept the party at bay. Despite the wild tilting of the ship and the vicious attacks by the creatures, the party eventually scared one bird away, while Acidaar killed the other. After catching their breath, the party entered the main part of the ship and was confronted with a choice of paths to take. They opted to head down toward the engine room, in the hopes of repairing the ships engines and stopping the dangerous tilting.

They passed through the construct crew quarters, where they found some additional arms for clank, allowing him to attack with hand crossbows or his metallic fists. After bypassing the cargo hold, the group arrived in the engine room, only to be surprised by what they saw there. Elemental creatures, free of their magical bonds were reaking havoc on the ship! Arshaka determined that it was possible to retrap the creatures through the use of some nearby controls and careful maneuvering of the creatures. Skeeter shoved a huge Earth Titan back into hits control circle as Arshaka turned the switch to power it back up. The party managed to trap a number of fire elementals in the same way, but were less successful on the air elementals, when the shardmind accidentally broke the switch controlling their circles. After clearing up the rest of the creatures, Arshaka worked with Clank to repair the control panel, should they manage to capture an air elemental somewhere else on their adventures.

The party then headed up a staircase to the bridge, continuing their search for the Book of Maps. Choosing the Captain’s Quarters over the bridge, they arrived to find an ancient lich, the last remnants of Caludrin Farill, and his guardian warriors. After a brief battle that had the party dropping some of their most powerful attacks on the creatures, the Expendables triumphed and vanquished the lich, who disappeared to wherever his phylactery was hidden. A brief search revealed the Book of Maps and the triumphant party quickly figured out how to fly the amazing air ship.

They made a brief stopover in the City of Brass to pick up Bunoir and Clank, then flew off across The Great Sea, in the hopes of catching up to Arsim Azru in time.


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