The Expendables

Questioning Perth

So you were helping the bandits!

While the party rested, they questioned the halfling they had rescued, who they recognized as Perth, assistant to the mayor. Once Skeeter managed to calm him down, they discovered the other magic pouch and questioned his involvement with the bandits. The halfling described the attackers of the town and turned over the other Pouch of Shared Acquisitions in return for his freedom. Before he left, he pointed them out toward the trail the gnolls and their slaves took out of town.

After waking up the huntmaster, Arshaka used a ritual to understand the creatures Abyssal toungue. The belligerent gnoll revealed few details, before attacking the party and getting put down. The Expendables quickly decided on a course of action and headed toward the Stormpeak mountains, hot on the gnoll’s trail.


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