The Expendables

Return to Duranth.

Dog-men and demons?! Eep!

With black smoke rising from fires all over town, the group arrived at the East gates, to find them ripped from their hinges. Signs of a battle were everywhere and Skeeter identified some of the dead creatures as gnolls. Upon hearing a scream and the braying of hyenas, the party charged deeper into town to see if they could assist whoever was still alive.

They came upon a childlike figure being chased through a burning market square, followed closely by a pack of hyenas and three vicious gnolls. The Expendables quickly leaped into battle, protecting the frightened halfling and taking out the gnolls. Skeeter flipped over Acidaar‘s shoulders to get the drop on one of the hyenas. Chet leaped over a mound of burning debris to rush to Nannaruluk’s aid. The gnolls and hyenas teamed up to deal some vicious damage, bloodying half of the party, before they began turning the table. Skeeter swapped places with a clawfighter and burned him up against a burning market stall, while Chet used his swords to drive one into more fire.

When most of the creatures were killed or fled, Skeeter cornered the gnoll huntmaster, before Chet fired a couple arrows at him and Arshaka Kahn overwhelmed his mind into unconsciousness.


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