The Expendables

Stirge Attack.

These stirges must die!

A short time later, the party arrived at a giant chasm, where large platforms rose out of the darkness to provide a way forward. Judging the distances between the platforms, Skeeter tied a belay line to Arshaka and began leaping across the platforms. Arshaka nearly missed one of the platforms, but managed to grab on and pull himself up.

As they were about halfway through the room, some stirges swooped in and attacked the party. The weak armored members of the party fell prey to the flying creatures draining attacks, but were soon removed from their targets. The few larger stirges that were flitting around also swooped in and attacked, but were quickly dispatched by the party. After a few more close calls, Arshaka and the rest of The Expendables made it across the remaining platforms and into the cave entrance beyond.

A loud noise caused them to turn and they watched a number of the stone pillars collapse against each other and fall into the darkness below. Now the only path available was forward.


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