The Expendables

Bandit Camp

You killed Porkchop, you bastard!

In short order, the heroes arrived at a large clearing that held a small cabin and some tents, making up the bandit camp. Sleeping outside the cabin was Porkchop. Chet and Skeeter used their impressive stealth skills to skirt the woods around the clearing and get closer to the cabin. As the Revenant Ranger rushed to its side he was spotted by a couple bandits sitting near some tents around a camp fire. Their warning came too late for poor Porkchop, as Zombie Chet struck the mighty beast down with one swift blow.

As the battle commenced, Skeeter and Chet entered the cabin in search of Girug, while the other three adventurer’s attacked the human bandits camped around the clearing. As bowmen and club wielding humans emerged from the tent, two knife fighters moved in to attack Acidaar and Nannaruluk. The enraged bandit captain focused his fury on Chet for his vicious attack on the orc’s beloved pet, while Skeeter tried to draw his ire. Arshaka easily crushed the minds of the approaching weak willed humans, while the barbarian and runepriest kept the knife fighters at bay.

Girug held off the ranger and the fighter, as more humans poured out of the woods to attack the rest of the party. All of this was in vain, however, as the party weathered their blows and fought back bravely. Acidarr did a lot of damage to the knife fighters and once Chet retreated from the cabin and lured Girug outside, the fight was quickly brought to its bloody conclusion.

The party searched the corpses and tents, recovering a set of magical gloves, before examining all the looted items in the cabin. Arshaka recovered a magical pouch that he determined was one of a pair of linked pouches, called the Pouches of Shared Acquisition. In it they found a diary that outlined the schedule of wagons leaving from Duranth, which the bandit’s had been using to plan their attacks. The final message in the diary mentioned that the town had suddenly come under attack by dog-men and demons and requested that the bandits come to their assistance.

The Expendables loaded up with all the goods they could carry, before heading back through the woods to the trail, annoyed to find out that the wagon had indeed been burned by Chet. The quickly began the long march back to town, hoping to arrive in enough time to help.


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