The Expendables

Welcome to Duranth!

Bandits, eh? No problem!

The Expendables arrived in the town of Duranth and headed toward the town hall to meet with the mayor. A timid halfing answered their knock and lead them to Talarn Dragontree’s office. The austere elf asked them to look into the recent bandit attacks plaguing the town and gave them part of their reward up front.

The group discussed their course of action and decided to lead a fake wagon caravan out of town in the hopes of luring the bandits out of hiding. They traveled through the nearby forests until they came upon the scene of a recent bandit attack. After some investigation they continued on, but they did not find anything else along the trail. Turning back, they abandoned their wagon (and Chet burnt it) to follow a mysterious trail deeper into the woods.


jrbeers717 jrbeers717

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