Arshaka Kahn

Shardmind Psion


Arshaka Kahn, level 24
Shardmind, Psion, Dreamwalker, Topaz Crusader
Build: Telepathic Psion
Discipline Focus: Telepathy Focus
Shardmind: Diplomacy Bonus
Background: Early Life – Isolated (+2 to Perception)

Str 13, Con 12, Dex 12, Int 27, Wis 10, Cha 25.

Str 11, Con 10, Dex 10, Int 18, Wis 8, Cha 16.

AC: 39 Fort: 39 Reflex: 39 Will: 40
HP: 131 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 32

Arcana +29, Perception +21, Bluff +26, Intimidate +26

Acrobatics +15, Diplomacy +23, Dungeoneering +14, Endurance +17, Heal +14, History +22, Insight +14, Nature +14, Religion +22, Stealth +15, Streetwise +21, Thievery +15, Athletics +15

Psion: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Precise Mind
Level 2: Psychic Focus
Level 4: Implement Expertise (Orb)
Level 6: Liberating Shard Swarm
Level 8: Toughness
Level 10: We Were Once One
Level 11: Mindlink
Level 12: Power Surge
Level 14: Paragon Defenses
Level 16: Great Fortitude
Level 18: Superior Implement Training (Crystal orb)
Level 20: Perfect Fracture
Level 21: Epic Fortitude
Level 22: Boundless Enthusiasm
Level 24: Mounted Combat

Psion at-will 1: Mind Thrust
Psion at-will 1: Dishearten
Psion daily 1: Ravening Thought
Psion utility 2: Intellect Fortress
Psion at-will 3: Force Hammer
Psion daily 5: Hypnotic Pulse
Psion utility 6: Guided Shot
Psion at-will 7: Force Grasp (replaces Force Hammer)
Psion daily 9: Mind Blast
Psion utility 10: Mind over Flesh
Psion at-will 13: Brilliant Thought (replaces Force Grasp)
Psion daily 15: Thought of Unmaking (replaces Hypnotic Pulse)
Psion utility 16: Mind Blank
Psion at-will 17: Forced Opportunity (replaces Brilliant Thought)
Psion daily 19: Shred Reality (replaces Ravening Thought)
Psion utility 22: Interdicting Thoughts
Psion at-will 23: Sudden Control (replaces Dishearten)

Adventurer’s Kit, Crystal orb of Unfailing Concentration +5, Flowform Efreetweave Armor +5, Psyweave Cloak +5, Ring of Unwelcome Gifting (paragon tier), Stormcatcher Ring (paragon tier), Crown of Nature’s Rebellion (level 15), Diamond Bracers (paragon tier), Boots of Resolute Reflexes (paragon tier), Gloves of Missile Avoidance (paragon tier), Battle Standard of the Vanguard (paragon tier), Girdle of the Resolute Body (paragon tier), Tattoo of Bloodied Chains (paragon tier), Wyvern, Ioun’s Revelation (level 13)


Dangerous psion, Arshaka rends its foes minds with powerful attacks that leave them vulnerable to the rest of The Expendables.

Arshaka might like to think it is the most powerful and refined of The Expendables. But, that kind of emotion would not befit a Shardmind.

Arshaka Kahn

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